About this blog

Last year, I had to close my startup after funding failed. It quickly became clear to me that I am not going back to an incumbent bank. Even though my bank account would have been quite happy about a banker’s salary after several years with meager start-up pay.


After I took some time off, I started looking for the next big thing in FinTech. So far, FinTech has been more of an evolution than a revolution. We have seen some digitization of existing processes and business models, but there has not been a real disruptive change in the financial industry.


It became obvious that I had to look outside the box to find real game-changing ideas. I also looked at other industries that have been completely transformed by disruptive business models like the music industry by Spotify or television by Netflix.


That’s when I asked myself…what would happen if Apple, Netflix, or Google were a bank or insurance company?


In this blog, I share my findings and thoughts for two core reasons. First, I hope to get valuable feedback and input on my ideas. So, please don’t keep your opinions to yourself. Secondly, I want to inspire FinTech entrepreneurs because there are many more great opportunities than I can ever realize in my lifetime.

About me

My name is Til Klein. I have been working in financial services for over 20 years as a start-up founder, management consultant, and banker.


  • When I founded the FinTech Startup Vantik, my mission was to make pension planning a no-brainer. Last year, we had to discontinue the business due to a lack of funding.
  • As a proud European, it was my honor to support the European insurance regulator EIOPA in the introduction of the Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP) as a member of the advisory board.
  • As a partner at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), I worked for financial service providers in the DACH region, Nordics, and Southeast Asia.
  • As a banker at UBS, I was responsible for improving the client experience and sales efficiency for private, business, and corporate clients in Switzerland.
  • I studied economics, business administration, and banking & finance in Hamburg and Liverpool.
  • I live with my beloved partner and our incredible dog near Zurich in Switzerland.